Yuzu no SAKE UZ 370ml

Yuzu no SAKE UZ 370ml

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ゆずの酒_UZ _Yuzu Sake 370ml

This yuzu SAKE is a blend of carefully selected yuzu from Umaji Village, Kochi Prefecture, and 46 degrees of Echigo-Bushi.
It has a refreshing aroma, low alcohol content, no sugar added, and is finished with honey.

Features & Details

  • Fukui Prefecture
  • Tamagawa Sake Brewery Co. Ltd.
  • honey yuzu (citrus fruit) brewed alcohol
  • Alcohol content: 10%


 Tamagawa Shuzo

We have been brewing sake since 1673, during the reign of the fourth Tokugawa shogun, Ietsuna Tokugawa, and in the first year of Heisei (1989), we became a "sake brewery. The "Open House: Echigo Yukikura-kan" was created. On a tour of the brewery, visitors can learn about sake brewing and storage methods, as well as the history of Japanese sake.