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Direct to homes around the world!

Home delivery service for individuals

Recruiting global EC partners in each region!

For e-commerce businesses interested in selling sake

We will deliver sake to your customers directly from the production area from each brewery in Japan.

Order from 1 bottle

Direct delivery from sake breweries

customs clearance

Global EC transportation service

Deliver to customer

Sales commission to your company


  • Personal import service on the Internet.
  • No liquor license is required.
  • We provide a one-stop service for shipping from Japan, customs clearance, and home delivery.
  • Product prices are lower than normal retail prices.
  • Your company only encourages consumers to purchase.
  • Sales commission is received by Paypal.
  • A global transportation service company handles delivery delays and damage problems
  • Please contact us if you would like to purchase items that are not on the list or in large quantities.

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    Osamu Yamada
    CEO / SAKE Master