Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo 720ml
Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo 720ml
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Nanbu Bijin Daiginjo 720ml

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Nanbubijin Daiginjo Sake

Features & Details

  • Iwate Prefecture
  • southern beauty
  • Raw material rice: Specially cultivated rice “Ginotome” from Ninohe City, Yamadanishiki, etc.
  • Alcohol content: 16-17%

This is a special sake made by polishing Yamadanishiki and Ginotome specially cultivated rice from Ninohe City in Iwate Prefecture to less than half.
A well-balanced and light daiginjo that retains sweetness and umami in a gorgeous aroma and moist and beautiful sake quality.
It is now served in top restaurants in New York.

Kosher certified

This product has been certified as "kosher", which is a safe food that strictly follows the Jewish protocol.

"Kosher" is determined and certified by a religious leader called "Rabbi" who specializes in inspecting raw materials and manufacturing processes. It is said that consumers in the United States have a high image of safety and security because kosher certification involves ensuring the traceability of raw materials and undergoing a certification process through inspection by a rabbi.

Nanbu Bijin, which has received kosher certification for its sake and liqueur, which is a certification of world-class safety and security, will continue to make efforts to convey the splendor of traditional Japanese culture. increase.

southern beauty

Nanbu Bijin Co., Ltd. is a sake brewery located in Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture. The company name and brand name are derived from the fact that the location was the territory of the Nanbu domain (Nanbu region) during the Edo period, and that sake with a light taste was likened to a beautiful woman.