Hanagaki Nenpu Junmai 5 Year Old Sake 720ml

Hanagaki Nenpu Junmai 5 Year Old Sake 720ml

SAKE Master
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Hanagaki chronological record pure rice five year old sake

Features & details

  • Fukui Prefecture
  • Nanbu Sake Brewery
  • Raw material rice: rice, rice koji
  • Alcohol content: 15%

SAKE Master Hanagaki

Carefully selected junmai sake is aged for 5 years in an old sake cellar, giving it a golden glow and a pleasant aged aroma.

Please enjoy the complex depth created by the flow of time, the mature style, and the calm intoxication.

Recommended for those who like matured dishes such as aged meat and Saikyo-yaki.

Nanbu Sake Brewery

SAKE Master_hanagaki

"Hanagaki" is brewed by Nanbu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. It has been over 100 years since we have been producing handmade sake in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, a small Kyoto in the Hokuriku region. It is a historic sake brewery blessed with good water, good rice, and good people.