Yamada Nishiki from Banshu Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720ml

Yamada Nishiki from Banshu Junmai Daiginjo Sake 720ml

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Banshu Yamadanishiki Junmai Daiginjo sake

"Aizu Homare Yamada Nishiki Junmai Daiginjo Sake" is made by Aizu Toji, Ichiro Nakajima. This is one of Homare Shuzo's top quality sake, carefully crafted by Homare Shuzo.

Features & details

  • Fukushima Prefecture
  • Homare Sake Brewery
  • Raw material rice: Yamada Nishiki from Banshu
  • Alcohol content: 16%

Adopted as a souvenir to give to the leaders of each country at the Ise-Shima Summit (2016)!
IWC2015 champion award
IWC2016・2015・2013 (International Wine Challenge) GOLD MEDAL Award!
2020 Fukushima Prefecture Autumn Appraisal Gold Award Winner!

Junmai daiginjo sake made by polishing Yamada Nishiki rice from Banshu to 39% and brewing it with Kitakata famous water, which is the underground water of Mt. Iide. (in a luxury paulownia box)
A bright and fresh scent reminiscent of fruit. Although it is dry, it is characterized by a refreshing and beautiful sweetness that spreads when you put it in your mouth, and a sharp and elegant taste.

What is IWC (International Wine Challenge)?
Held annually in London, the world leader in wine journalism, it is the world's largest and most authoritative wine competition, attracting the most attention from wine traders around the world.

homare sake brewery

The incense has a gorgeous and expansive impression,
Fruit incense such as pear, quince, white peach, muscat, and muskmelon,
A hint of orange and grapefruit peel,
Fragrance of flowers such as linden tree, honeysuckle, fragrant rhinoceros,
In addition, cypress, green bamboo, and spices such as juniper berries are harmonious.

The taste is gentle sweetness, soft and elegant impression, well-balanced, elegant, dry and fresh taste that lasts.