Asa Shibori Shuppin Storage Sake 900ml

Asa Shibori Shuppin Storage Sake 900ml

Endo brewery
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朝しぼり 出品貯蔵酒 Asa Shibori Shuppin Storage Sake

Features & Details
  • Nagano Prefecture
  • Ricekoji rice brewed alcohol sake meter value (SMV): -6 acidity : 2.0
  • Alcohol content: 20%

Keiryu Asashi Shibori" is a limited edition sake brewed and stored in the same brewery as the triple crown-winning entry.
It is popular among sake connoisseurs because it brings out the natural flavor, sweetness and sourness of sake to its fullest potential.

The sake is aged at low temperatures for three days longer than usual to bring the alcohol content up to 20%, and then bottled at the same time as it is pressed in the morning and stored on ice.
This sake is popular among sake connoisseurs because it has a good balance of the original flavor, sweetness, and acidity of sake, and has been brought out to the best of its ability.

You may be surprised at the randomly wrapped newspaper wrapping.
The purpose of this is to block out the light and respond to changes in the outside temperature when they are released from the warehouse. It is the best storage management method. In fact, we follow the traditional country storage style of handling alcohol with care. It is wrapped in local newspaper and is a popular gift to remind you of Shinshu

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