AKIRA organic pure rice 720ml

AKIRA organic pure rice 720ml

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AKIRA organic pure rice

Features & details

  • Nakamura Sake Brewery
  • Raw material rice: Kanazawa Daichi production contract organic rice
  • Alcohol content: 14%

It has a rounded mouthfeel that harmonizes umami and acidity, and is characterized by a slightly rich and full-bodied taste. The gentle sweetness of the rice spreads in your mouth, and since edible rice is used, the aroma of the rice wafts through your nose. The color is golden and transparent like the ears of rice, and you can enjoy it as if you were eating rice.

Organic JAS is an organic standard for agricultural products (raw materials), and organic certification for alcoholic beverages requires certification from a domestic organic certification body.

Our AKIRA was certified by JONA (Japan Organic & Natural foods Association) in 2001, and we continue to review and update it every year.

In 2007, it acquired European ICEA certification (later changed to EU certification), American USDA certification in 2010, and Canadian COR certification in 2014, making it an organically certified sake around the world.

Nakamura Sake Brewery

“Kanazawa Daichi” is an organic farmer representing Japan as well as Kanazawa.

Aiming to create an industry that preserves the environment from agriculture, which places a burden on the environment, they hope for a healthy relationship between nature and humans, and their mission is to connect the rich land, water, and environment pioneered by their ancestors 100 or 1,000 years from now. This is a farmer who is active in our local ishikawa prefecture.