Natural sake ◯ Yang sake (Yamada Nishiki) 720ml

Natural sake ◯ Yang sake (Yamada Nishiki) 720ml

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Natural sake ◯ Yang sake (Yamada Nishiki) Junmai Ginjo

Features & details

  • Hyogo Prefecture
  • Raw material sake rice: Yamada Nishiki (organic JAS certified)
  • Alcohol content: 14 degrees

Organically grown "Yamada Nishiki", which is grown from the original species that has not been released outside the prefecture. The soft taste, deep and long aftertaste, and well-proportioned taste highlight the wonderful origin of the raw rice. Pure rice ginjo.

Yamana Sake Brewery

In the northwestern part of Kyoto, surrounded by mountains on all four sides, Okutanba, we continue to brew traditional hand-made junmai sake.