Yakurai local beer 6 bottles gift set 330ml 2 bottles x 3

Yakurai local beer 6 bottles gift set 330ml 2 bottles x 3

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Yakurai craft beer gift set with 6 bottles

□ Set contents □

① 2 bottles of pilsner 330ml

Frequency 5% Bitterness★★★
The most popular lager beer in Japan.
A transparent golden finish using only light-colored malt.
Only high-quality aroma hops are used to deliver the fragrance of flowers, moderate bitterness, and refreshing throat.

② Dunkel 330ml 2 bottles

Frequency 5% Bitterness★★☆
A dark lager beer that means "dark" in German.
Because it uses roasted malt, it has a slightly fragrant aroma, yet has a refreshing taste unique to bottom fermentation.

③ Weizen 330ml 2 bottles

Frequency 5% Bitterness ★☆☆
A white beer style made in Southern Germany. <br>Made with more than 50% wheat malt, it has a characteristic aroma that is compared to a banana-like aroma.

Yakurai Craft Brewery

This beer uses natural spring water from Yakurai, Kami-cho, Miyagi, which is located in the Funagata mountain range, and uses traditional techniques inherited from a German Braumeister (brewing engineer) to create an authentic beer.
The raw materials are carefully selected from Germany, the home of beer. Sparing no time and effort, we put our sincerity into every step of the process, from preparation to production.
Beer types include Pilsner, Weizen, and Dunkel, as well as seasonal products.