Pure rice koji long-term aged sake 2005 375ml

Pure rice koji long-term aged sake 2005 375ml

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Junmai Koji Long-Aged Sake 2005

The world's first, Japan's first authentic sake brewed with 100% rice koji.

Features & details

  • Fukushima Prefecture
  • Homare Sake Brewery
  • Raw material rice: Gohyakumangoku, Hanafubuki
  • Alcohol content: 17%

The brewing method is the same as Japanese sake except that it is made only with rice malt, but its taste is reminiscent of noble rot wine from around the world, creating a perfect balance between elegant sweetness and refreshing acidity. .
By aging for more than 3 years, the unique aroma, beautiful amber color, and richness of the taste are added to bring out the charm of aged sake.

It is a long-term aged sake that was prepared in 2005.
The color is darker than the photo because it has been aged since it was prepared. Please note.

Homare Sake Brewery

In 1918, Kosaku Karahashi, who had run a miso and koji manufacturing business from a rice wholesaler, took over the sake brewery and founded Kano Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. in the present-day Atsushio Kano-cho, Kitakata City.
Later, to expand the business, the company moved to its current location in Matsuyama-cho, Kitakata City, and changed the company name to Karahashi Sake Brewery Limited Partnership, Homare Sake Brewery Co., Ltd., becoming one of the leading sake breweries in the Tohoku region through stable quality and constant technical improvement. and grew up.
The representative brand "Aizu Homare" bears the name of "Aizu" in order to make the name of Aizu sake known to the whole country.
At that time, it was very rare to use hiragana for sake brands.
The typeface of "Aizu Homare" was written by Tenrai Hidai, a modern calligrapher born in Nagano Prefecture.