Aged Junmai Sake 720ml

Aged Junmai Sake 720ml

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Aged Junmai Sake

Features & Details

  • Fukui Prefecture
  • Nanbu Sake Brewery
  • Raw material rice: rice, rice koji
  • Alcohol content: 16%

SAKE Master Hanagaki

At Nanbu Sake Brewery, we use the famous water "Oshimizu", which was selected as one of the 100 best waters selected by the Environment Agency, as our brewing water. This preparation water is soft water suitable for sake brewing and is one of the essential elements for our sake brewing. For sake rice, we mainly use high-quality rice from Ono City, which is one of the leading producers of Gohyakumangoku in Japan.

The type and ratio of aged sake blended depending on the year, such as junmai ginjo that has been aged for 3 to 10 years based on junmai sake that has been aged for 3 years, based on the idea that it will be the entrance to the world of 'old sake'. We are aiming for an easy-to-drink and harmonious taste while changing the taste.

With the passage of time, the "color, aroma, and taste" change, and the five tastes are harmoniously integrated. It has a gentle texture, complex taste and mellow dignity. Room temperature or luke warm is recommended.

Those who like matured dishes such as aged meat and Saikyo-yaki.

International Wine Challenge 2017 Aged Sake Category Silver Award

Nanbu Sake Brewery

SAKE Master_hanagaki

"Hanagaki" is brewed by Nanbu Sake Brewery Co., Ltd. It has been over 100 years since we have been producing handmade sake in Ono City, Fukui Prefecture, a small Kyoto in the Hokuriku region. It is a historic sake brewery blessed with good water, good rice, and good people.