Sugar free Plum Liqueur Umeshu 720ml

Sugar free Plum Liqueur Umeshu 720ml

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糖類無添加 「梅酒」Sugar free Plum Liqueur Umeshu

This is a completely new type of plum wine made from Japanese sake and plums, with no added sugar or other additives.

Features & Details

  • Sake (All Koji preparation Jyunmai sake)
  • Plum
  • Alc 9~10%

This is a special junmai-shu with no added sugar that brings out the umami and has a high quality taste that is worth drinking.

This plum wine's fine and soft taste and richness go well with any dish.

Kosher Certification Kosher Certification

Nanbu Bijin’s Jyunmai Ginjo has a Kosher Certification, which regard as one of the highest authority of food safety guarantee and also as be in accordance with Jewish religious law.

A religious leaders, called rabbi, check and see ingredients and product processes, and make final decision for this certification.

In U.S.A, Most of all consumers buy with kosher certified foods because they knew it means healthy and safety.

Nanbu Bijin Co., Ltd.

Nambu Bijin Inc. is a sake brewery located in Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture. The name of the company and the brand name come from the fact that the company was located in the Nanbu domain (Nanbu region) during the Edo period and from the fact that a lightly tasting sake is likened to a beautiful woman.