For Breweries


Your company's SAKE to the whole country and the world!

Online shop production and management service

Direct delivery to homes around the world!

  • Home delivery service for individuals
  • We are looking for breweries who want to expand their sake to the world through new sales channels.

We deliver your delicious SAKE to people all over the world through internet sales.



Customer orders from one bottle.


We will visit the brewery for free pickup.


Customs clearance


SAKE Master Global EC Transport Service powerd by forwarders.


Delivery to the customer's home 

  • It is a personal import service on the Internet.
  • Based on the concept of direct delivery to the producing region, we visit the brewery and deliver the freshest sake.
  • Just pack and ship for domestic use.
  • We provide a one-stop service from Japan, including shipping, customs clearance, and home delivery.
  • Delivery delays and damage issues are handled by our global delivery service company.
  • The price of the product is the same as payment at a regular liquor store.
  • It is possible to limit your sales area so that you do not compete with existing local sales companies.
  • We are licensed as a mail order liquor retailer, general liquor retailer, and import/export liquor wholesaler.

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Smile with SAKE !

Osamu Yamada
CEO / SAKE Master