Manzairaku Kaga plum wine  720ml

Manzairaku Kaga plum wine 720ml

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萬歳楽 加賀梅酒 Manzairaku Kaga _ plum wine

A plum sake brewed by Manzai-Raku since 1990 that combines the richness of the plum flavor with a clear taste.

Features & Details

  • Ishikawa Prefecture
  • Kobori Shuzo Co. Ltd.
  • Plum(Bemnisashi),Crystal sugar, Brewing alcohol
  • Alcohol content: 14%

They use only Benisashiume plums from Hokuriku, which are rich in amino acids and minerals, and make them in a simple, old-fashioned way.

This is a high-quality plum wine from Hokuriku, where the plums are cultivated, soaked, and bottled in the favorable environment of Hokuriku, where they are matured for about two years until they reach a balanced and delicious flavor.
It has been voted No. 1 in Japan in the NIKKEI Plus 1 Everything Ranking by the Nikkei , and has been offered in First Class on North American and European flights of All Nippon Airways (ANA).

紅映梅(Benisashi Ume

It is a high-grade variety of Hokuriku's specialty, and is called "Benisashi Ume" because of the red color on the surface of the ripe fruit.
It has a higher amino acid content than other high-grade varieties, such as Nanko Ume (Japanese plum), which makes it rich in flavor and mellowness.
It is difficult to cultivate, and the same part of the branch bears fruit only once every three years, and the yield is low compared to other varieties.

Kobori Brewery Co.

The brewery was established in 1716 at the foot of Hakusan, which is known as a place of pure water and mountain beliefs, in the town of Tsurugi.

The name "萬歳楽" comes from "Manzai-raku," a dance that has been performed at auspicious occasions since ancient times. This is a dance of phoenixes that flew to celebrate the enthronement of the 賢王の即位.


"萬歳楽" is made from rare 「北陸12号」 rice, late planted "五百万石" and Ishikawa Prefecture's original "石川門", as well as "山田錦" 

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