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  • Did you know what kind of SAKE there are?

    Did you know what kind of Japanese SAKE there are?

    This time, we will introduce recommended brands along with the types of sake. We are introducing delicious Japanese sake from world-famous brands to secretly popular brands.

  • Color & Type

    in fact, there are some types of sake that you can clearly tell the difference between them just by looking at them, even if you don't taste them.
  • What is Vintage SAKE?

    “Sake, which has been aged in the brewery for more than 3 years, excluding sugar-added liquor” is defined as vintage sake.
  • What is Junmai-SAKE?

    Sake with no distilled alcohol added is called junmai-shu, which is made from rice, rice malt and water. It is the type of sake to which you can best appreciate the flavor and richness of the rice.