Important: Regarding delivery delays due to coronavirus.

Thank you for using SAKE Master.

Due to the influence of coronavirus (COVID-19), deliveries are delayed by EMS, and some countries are unable to deliver.

Thank you very much. 

SAKE Master Support Team

Shipping & Delivery

Where do products ship from?

All products ship from Japan directly to you.

Where does SAKE Master ship to?

SAKE Master ships to 4 countries and territories at the moment. These include Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore.

Can all products be sent to my country?

Due to legal restrictions in your country, some of the items might not ship to your country. In this case, you will see the warning, “This item does not ship to <your country>” on the product page.

Which shipment methods do you use?

A majority uses Japan Post’s Express Mail Service (EMS), Fedex, or DHL, but other shipping methods may be used on occasion.

How do I know what the shipping fees are like before I place my order?

Shipping fees are displayed on the Shopping Cart.

How is shipping calculated?

Shipping fees are based on the size and weight of the product as well as the shipping method that the seller chooses.

How long will it take for my order to reach me?

Delivery terms are displayed in the Seller Details section on every product page. The actual delivery time may vary depending on the weather and delays on the part of the delivery service provider.

Why does the estimated delivery time vary for each seller?

Seller work with a variety of delivery service providers and have different order fulfillment processes. Therefore, the estimated delivery time differs from seller to seller.

Can I prearrange the date of delivery?

We are currently unable to predict the time your order might spend in customs. We are therefore not able to provide a specific date or time for the date of delivery.

Do you deliver during weekends and holidays?

The arrival day of the order depends on the delivery method the seller uses. The delivery method is included in the shipping confirmation email.

Can I ship to multiple addresses using just one account?

Shipping is limited to one address per order. However, by creating a new order, you can ship to a different address within the same country or territory using the same account.

Can I change my shipping address after I place an order?

If your order has not been shipped, you may go to Your Orders page (sign in to view) and use the Send Message function to request the seller to change your address.

My parcel has been returned to Japan. What can I do?

If the parcel is returned to the seller for a reason arising from the customer (for example, an insufficient address), the customer pays the full re-shipping fee even if the order was originally marked as “Free Shipping”.


Customs & Import Taxes

Is it possible for you to declare my order as a gift? Or lower the value?

We are unable to declare your order as a gift or lower the value of the ordered products because of legal requirements. All orders are marked as “Merchandise”.


Will I need to pay customs fees, import duties or taxes?

Depends on the following shipping ways selected by the customer

①【StandardCustoms duty not included(DDU_ Delivered Duty Unpaid)

It is the customer's responsibility to check and bear any customs duties. SAKE Master is not responsible for the time required for customs clearance. Thank you for your understanding.

②【ExpressCustoms duty included(DDP_ Delivered Duty Paid)

Any customs duties will be paid by SAKE Master.

My parcel cannot be released from customs. What should I do?

It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that a particular product can be imported into his or her country. If a product is rejected by customs in your country, the seller has the right to make a decision about whether to issue a refund. If you have a problem with customs, please go to Your Orders page (sign in to view) and use the Send Message function to contact the seller for assistance.


Is it safe to purchase items in SAKE Master?

SAKE Master takes a multifaceted approach when it comes to your security and privacy so that you can shop worry-free. Read more about the actions we take for you to have a safe and secure shopping experience in our Safe & Secure Platform page.

What payment options do you offer?

SAKE Master accepts credit cards (Visa and MasterCard), as well as PayPal.

Are there any hidden costs (sales tax, octroi, etc) on items sold on SAKE Master?

All costs are included in the product prices. There are no hidden costs on the products sold on SAKE Master.

Can I purchase without registering as a member?

No. Purchases are only possible if you are registered as a member. Register now.

How do I know if my purchase was successful?

You will receive an order confirmation email once your order has been received. The order will also appear on Your Orders page (sign in to view).



Can I cancel my order once payment has been processed?

Cancellations are possible only before the order has shipped. Cancellations are not possible once the status of the order changes to “Shipped”.

How can I cancel?

To cancel an order, select “Cancel Order(s)” on Your Orders page (sign in to view).

How can I confirm if my order was successfully canceled?

The order will be marked as a “Canceled order” on Your Orders page (sign in to view).



What language should I use to communicate with the seller about my order?

We do our best to bring you products from Japan that you may otherwise not find locally. This requires us to work with small and medium-sized sellers. Since they are Japanese companies, English is not their mother tongue. We kindly request that you use simple English when you contact sellers. This will allow them to respond to your inquiries faster. Thank you very much for your understanding.

If you do not receive any replies from a seller within 3 days, contact the SAKE Master Customer Team for further assistance.

How do I know if my order has shipped?

You will receive a shipping confirmation email when your order ships. The shipping status will also be updated on the Your Orders page (sign in to view).

How do I track my order status?

The seller will enter the delivery method and tracking code in the shipping confirmation email. To track the order, go to the delivery service provider’s website and enter the tracking code.

When will I receive my order?

The estimated arrival time of your order is displayed in the order confirmation email. Your order may arrive 1-3 days earlier or later depending on the circumstances of the delivery service provider.

I ordered multiple items from different sellers. Why did I receive only one email and one tracking number?

This means that one of the sellers has shipped the products that you ordered from them. You will soon receive further emails when the other sellers ship their products. When you purchase items from different sellers, you will receive shipping confirmation emails from each of the sellers. Visit the Your Orders page (sign in to view) to view your order status. If part of your order is delayed, you may send a message to the relevant seller from that page.

My order hasn’t reached me. What should I do?

Use the tracking code provided to check if your order is being held up at some stage in the delivery process. If your order has not arrived within the prescribed delivery terms, you may go to Your Orders page (sign in to view) and use the Send Message function to contact the seller for assistance.

There’s a missing item. What should I do?

Contact the seller using the Send Message function on Your Orders page (sign in to view) as soon as you can. You may instruct the seller to send you the missing item, or request for a refund for the missing item.

Can I return defective products?

Return and refund policies differ by the seller and are displayed on the individual seller’s page.

The product I received is different from what was listed on the product page. What can I do?

This usually happens due to human error. Contact the seller using the Send Message function on Your Orders page (sign in to view). If the seller agrees with your claim, you can return the product for a replacement or get a refund.