Color & Type

In fact, there are some types of sake that you can clearly tell the difference between them just by looking at them, even if you don't taste them.
Nigori sake is so white and milky that it reminds me of yogurt, while aged old sake that has been aged for years and sake made with sake instead of water have a wonderful amber color.


Crear 清酒

So-called common sake is often crystal clear in color. Even if they look the same, there is no limit to the types of water, rice and yeast used and the expression of production. Also, the way it is presented in the sake cup in which it is soaked and the way it is paired with the food it is served in will further change the way it is perceived. Try different types of sake and enjoy the diversity!


Cloudy にごり

Sake that contains a lot of "dregs" when it is squeezed is called "Nigori sake". This type of sake is popular among foreigners because of its milky appearance and easily recognizable characteristics. It has a rich sweetness and umami from the rice, and often has a mellow taste. . You can drink it on its own, or some people prefer it on the rocks or with soda.


Sparkling 発泡

Bubbling type sake is also available, which is made possible by the power of live yeast and other factors to create a natural, crispy feeling. The gas softens the alcohol flavor and we can drink it guzzlingly. It's perfect for a refreshing drink. (But be careful not to drink too much!) If the fungus is very healthy, open the bottle carefully as it may spurt out when you open it. !


Matured 熟成

It's like a caramel candy color. The "Vintage SAKE" . The aroma and taste are reminiscent of some western liquors such as sherry and brandy. It is also recommended to be enjoyed as a dessert with bitter chocolate or dried fruit. How about enjoying a moment of refinement with the melt-in-your-mouth old sake?

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